About me

My first contact with web technologies was in 2006, and I am doing web development since then. Currently I'm working as a software developer at Kendaya.

My previous experience includes working as a web developer at Ticketware, working as a freelance web developer and analyst at Maxi Mark s.r.o and E-commerce developer platform at PF Interiores Flexibles SL. For more information about my professional experience and education please have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Selection of projects

Emplaya – workforce management tool

Dates: 2017 - 2018, Employer: Kendaya, Link: emplaya.com

Emplaya is a tool for managing workforce of mid- to large size companies. Its main features include shift, vacation and sickness planning. It consists of a desktop and a mobile application.

I participated as the lead developer of the microservice based API providing a backend for the desktop and mobile application. My roles included providing maintenance, implementing new features to the backend, documenting processes and internal API documentation.

Website of TAM Autohof

Date: 2017, Client: T a M trans spedition, Link: autohof.sk

TAM Autohof is a network of petrol stations in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Within this contract work I've implemented their website based on the unique graphic design created by Adbee.

From technical perspective, the site is based on a hybrid Symfony‐Wordpress solution, in which Symfony is used for front office and Wordpress as the administration interface and database backend. The result is a fast and highly customised website with an easy administration.

OnlineFit – Fitness centre management application

Dates: 2015 - 2016, Client: Maxi Mark, Link: www.onlinefit.sk

A multilingual Symfony2 based web application for fitness centres. Features: booking management for group trainings, online payment and invoicing system, stock management, website generator, online payments, invoicing system, support for multiple countries and companies, built-in analytics tools, and many more.

I was co-operating on this project with Adrián Sciranka, an experienced graphic designer from Maxi Mark. As the only full-stack developer, the whole developement process was my responsibility. Besides that I designed a large part of the UI of the backend and translated the system to English. I have also set up and administrated the production server of this project for more than 6 months.

Hotels Cordoba

Date: 2016, Client: myself, Link: hotelscordoba.com

My travels in Andalusia inspired me to realize this small technical experiment, within which I tried to combine the power of Symfony framework with Wordpress. The goal was to find new ways of RAD for websites with custom design and specific requirements. The result is a very fast, highly customised site with Wordpress administration.

Financial forecast

Date: 2015, Client: T-Systems Slovakia

A school project in which I was practicing my skills in an agile team of four. The goal was to develop a web based application for T-Systems Slovakia. As the leader of the team, my main roles were communication with the customer, designing the architecture and coding.

Goldfish.sk - Online marketplace

Date: 2014, Client: Maxi Mark

A Symfony2 based e-commerce project, wich is something between a classified site and an eshop catalogue. The site allows private persons and companies to upload their products onto the site, however companies are required to pay a monthly fee to have ther ads on the site. The most challenging task for me on this project was implementing the hierarchic product catalogue with dynamic inheritable attributes, and attribute based filters.

I was co-operating on this project with Adrián Sciranka, an experienced graphic designer from Maxi Mark.

List of financial advisors

Date: 2014, Client: Maxi Mark, Link: zoznamporadcov.sk

This portal is intended to help financial advisors to get noticed easier. They are allowed to register and appear on the site, and offers them paid services to promote them better. Visitors than can search, contact or rate them. The administration section has many useful features except standard ones like email marketing, banner management, graphs, etc.

I was co-operating on this project with Adrián Sciranka, an experienced graphic designer from Maxi Mark.


  • PHP
  • Databases
  • Software engineering
  • CMS systems
  • Symfony 3
  • Frontend technologies
  • Javascript

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